Food Consultants in Chennai

  • Food consultants in Chennai

    Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu, is one of India's leading cities in the food & beverage processing sector. Agriculture is the most critical industry in the economy of Tamil Nadu.

    What Makes Chennai An Ideal Food Manufacturing Hub?

    There are many food business consultants in Chennai. The modern-day consumer is attracted to food products with extended shelf life, good taste and quality. Consumers also welcome innovative food products to suit their lifestyles. All this wide range of consumer demands has led to the rise of numerous food processing companies. At the Food Research Lab, we have a team of expert food and beverage consultants and restaurant consultants to assist you in new product development, namely food, beverage, and nutraceuticals.

    Several Multi-National Corporations are now showing immense interest in setting up food processing plants in India, especially in Chennai, owing to its robust techno-economic availability.

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