how to treat low testostrone levels

  • Here are a few signs that could indicate low levels of testosterone-

    1. Decreased Libido: With age, you may experience a lowered libido but a sudden decline in your sex drive could be caused by a lack of testosterone.

    2. Erectile Dysfunction: Lowered levels of testosterone in the body can affect the release of nitric oxide necessary for an erection. Men suffering from lowered testosterone levels often find themselves either not able to have an erection or have erections that are not firm enough for intercourse.

    3. Fatigue: Feeling tired at the end of a day is normal but men who have lowered testosterone levels may find themselves feeling extremely tired by lunchtime. You may also notice a loss of drive and enthusiasm.

    4. Moodiness: Men with low levels of testosterone often become depressed and dejected. They feel less optimistic than normal and become more irritable.

    5. Reduced Muscles: Testosterone is linked to muscle building and hence a lowered level of testosterone can be indicated by a reduction in the arm, chest or leg muscles. Men with low testosterone also find it difficult to build muscle mass.

    6. Lowered Attention Span: Testosterone is responsible for focus and attention. Hence, trouble concentrating on work and memory problems can be seen as signs of lowered testosterone levels.

    7. Development of Breasts: The lack of testosterone can cause an imbalance of oestrogen to testosterone ratio in the body. As the oestrogen levels get higher, men may find themselves growing breast tissue. This condition is also known as gynecomastia.

    8. Bone Problems: A lack of testosterone can affect bone density. This may lead to osteoporosis like conditions and joint pains. Men with low testosterone levels are also more prone to injuries.

    9. Lowered Semen Production: Testosterone is directly linked to semen production. The lower a man’s testosterone levels, the lesser the amount of semen produced.

    10. Hair Loss: Many men experiencing lowered testosterone levels suffer from hair loss on their head and other parts of the body as well.