The best teams in FIFA 22 Career Mode - Choose a good start

  • The most popular mode in the FIFA series of games is the Ultimate Team mode, also known as FUT. Because in FUT mode, players can compete with FIFA 22 players of the same FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Coins level instead of using stupid CPU teams as opponents. To a certain extent, this is a PvP mode. Players who win the game can get better rewards after the end and improve the ranking of five.
    Other players prefer the single player mode in the game, such as the Career mode. They can directly become the experience of a certain team in this mode, and their goal is to lead this team to the league championship. In this process, the player's strategy is very important. Of course, if you choose the right team at the beginning, your career will be much easier.
    And here are the two of best teams in the Career mode.

        Attack: 85
        Midfield: 84
        Defense: 80
    Barcelona is in a embarrassing situation after Messi's leave. He was the core player and the blade of the team. With him off the team, Barcelona is changing its offense method.
    Without Agüero, the team has a decent supporting cast in Pedri, Dembele, Depay, and De Jong. Though you will be comfortable while you're on offense with Barcelona, you may want to be cautious while defending. Garcia and Dest are still relatively young and need more time to learn things, which caused them to get stuck with low OVR in FIFA 22.

        Attack: 82
        Midfield: 82
        Defense: 84
    It's been a long time since FIFA fans saw the actual Juventus logo in the game. In FIFA 22, the team continues to appear with its full roster, though under a different banner. While fans were just getting used to watching Cristiano Ronaldo in the black and white striped jersey, the star player moved over to Manchester United during the transfer window, leaving Juventus to rebuild its offense.
    It wasn't a difficult feat for Juventus, though, since they already had quite a few talented FUT 22 Coins names on the roster. Considering Juventus' FIFA 22 counterpart has its defense figured out with Sandro, de Light, Bonucci, and Danilo, you'll have more chances to get goals on offense. Chiesa, Dybala, and Morata are all world-class players and fast runners who will allow you to use flexible strategies.

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