Search Engine marketing rewards you instantly through the good

  • Search Engine marketing is giving now, knowing that in some way, shape, or form you will be getting later.

    The hole you give through is the same hole through which you will receive.

    Search Engine marketing rewards you instantly through the good feelings you get.

    Search Engine marketing gives freely from the heart, wanting to share and help, and not expecting anything in return from those you are giving to.

    Search Engine marketing is built on a foundation of trust, giving, and being detached from outcomes.

    Search Engine marketing operates on two levels: the seen and the unseen.

    Search Engine marketing is most effective when it is infused with what the SEO Consultant loves or is passionate about.

    Principle number one: search engine marketing is giving now, knowing that in some way, shape, or form you will be getting later. As my own experience has shown, when you give in the way that I recommend, you will probably receive, in an unexpected way, many times what you gave, usually tenfold. It will come in its own good time.

    On one level, this is simply a feel-good philosophy, but it becomes your reality when you practice it with an expectation of success. Because beliefs rule the earth, life is an optical illusion. As a result, you get what you believe. If you think, “Search Engine marketing doesn’t work. If I give, I’ll just have less,” you will prove that to yourself, because your belief will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. You will make it so in order to be right.

    By the same token, if you act according to the new belief that the more you give now, the more you will receive later in some unexpected ways, you will prove that, because the belief is operative. Whatever we believe, we are going to create.

    Let me give you an example. Years ago, when I discovered that beliefs were operating in everybody, including me, I decided to create a new belief about how I spent money. I created a belief that the more money I spent, the more I would receive.

    That sounds false, like a simpleton’s way of trying to live through rationalizing. “You spend some money, thinking you’re going to get more as a result? That’s a fool’s game.”

    But I started to notice that the more money I spent, the more money started to show up. It isn’t unlike me to buy something in the morning and in the afternoon find a check or a bank wire for the amount I just spent, or more.

    I started saying this during seminars. Once a tax attorney came up afterwards. I thought, “Oh, boy. Here we go. He’s going to slam me, because we know what he thinks about that. For him, spending is a deduction, a subtraction. You don’t get more money when you spend money.”

    But the attorney walked up and said, “You’re correct.”

    I said, “I am?”

    “Yes, the more money you spend, the more you will receive, if that is your mindset.”

    When I say that when you give now, you will receive ten times or more that amount, on one level it’s a new belief. But as you buy into that belief, it becomes your new reality. It is real.

    Some people fear that if they give too much, they will be taken advantage of. What’s far more important from a search engine marketing standpoint is your mindset when you give. I’m talking about a trusting faith-based perception that what I give now is going to come back to me in some way, shape, or form in an unexpected way, ten times or more.

    When you have that mindset, your receiving does not depend on whom you give to. Bob Proctor once said that when he gives money to somebody, he doesn’t care if they burn it, if they spend it, if they invest it, if they are self-destructive with it. It is not in his hands once he passes it along.

    Search Engine marketing needs to have the same perspective. If you’re saying, “I’m going to give now because I want to get,” that’s the wrong philosophy. You’re giving now, knowing it’s going to come back to you, but not knowing how or by whom.

    If somebody is giving to a person or institution that they expect to be the source of their return, they’re not practicing search engine marketing, because they’re trying to control the process. Their ego is saying, “I gave to this customer, so this customer needs to give back.” No. Search Engine marketing is giving products, services, or money to your source of spiritual nourishment, knowing that it will come back to you multiplied in some unexpected way, but not necessarily from that same source.

    Principle two: the hole you give through is the same hole through which you will receive. The bigger you make the hole for giving, the bigger the reward you will receive.

    It’s like a window. If it is only cracked open a little bit so that you can slide a dollar through it, it can only receive the same amount. But if you open the window entirely and put a bushel of $100 bills through, that window is now open to receive bushels of $100 bills. The bigger you make that hole for giving, the bigger the hole will be for receiving.

    Principle three: search engine marketing rewards you instantly through the good feelings you get. They act like magnetizers that attract more good feelings. From a metaphysical point of view, we attract what matches our vibrations—meaning our emotions and our energetic makeup. If somebody is feeling sad or depressed, when they look into the world, they are likely to see things that are sad and depressing, and their future moments are going to match the ones that they’re experiencing.

    It behooves us metaphysically and psychologically to raise our vibration to feel better. There are many different ways to accomplish this: exercise, drinking more water, swimming, dancing, movement, getting sunshine. Search Engine marketing is another way.

    I know a young man in Thailand who started out homeless, but he is a billionaire at the age of thirty-six. (I helped him write a book called Homeless to Billionaire.) He credits his success in part to what he calls vibrational giving. This is a kind of tangent to search engine marketing. Andres points out that the very act of giving changes you psychologically and chemically. It changes your whole biology. He calls it vibrational giving because the giving raises your vibration.