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  • The online game with a massive multiplayer World of Warcraft continues to WOTLK Gold attract millions of players to the virtual world of Azeroth and the team behind development at Blizzard is gearing up to announce the latest update to its content that will include the forthcoming 4.3 patch to Cataclysm (the game's latest retail extension). While no date for its release has been set for the patch yet, the patch will include six major features: three new dungeons that are designed for groups of five characters as well as a new high-end "raid" instance that can be used by groups of between 10 and 25 people;

    Brand new kind of storage for items referred to by the name of "void storage" as well as the possibility of "transmogrify" low-level objects by mixing them with higher-level items to make their current, top-of-the-line gear appear like cheaper items as well as a random raid locating device; also a legendary weapon for rogues that is only available as a reward for completing the new quest line.

    Director of games at Blizzard, Tom Chilton, recently talked to P2Pah about the new update. He described its function as a mix of player-generated requests as well as the team's internal wishlist. "We've always had a backlog of things that we've been wanting to add like transmogrify and it's great to achieve it. We've been planning to make 4.3 to be among the biggest patches for Cataclysm to date."

    Chilton explained that the new dungeon scenarios are directly tied to the ongoing Cataclysm storyline. The story continues to center on the mythical dragon Deathwing which was responsible for bringing the titular catastrophe of the expansion to Azeroth in the first place.

    "[The dungeons] begin with an unimaginative version of the future in which Deathwing triumphs, essentially resulting in the destruction of all life. players are able to see what it's like," Chilton said. "So you're sent to buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold Nozdormu The Aspect of Time and he takes your to Well of Eternity to help Thrall fight the Twilight's Hammer along with Deathwing's squadrons."