We have improved the performance of

  • "Importantly the D2R Items service is a one-time operation, which means we only have one instance in order to ensure all players have access to the most current and accurate game information at all times," the devs wrote.

    "We have improved the performance of this service in multiple ways to conform to more contemporary technology, but as we previously mentioned the majority of our issues are due to game development."

    For now, there's a number of options for short-term solutions as well as roadmaps to rewrite Diablo 2's structure to ensure it's more scalable for today's demands. The existing service that only offers games and lists to players, for instance is being transformed into a service that is its own.

    The developers will also be introducing a login queue, ala World of Warcraft, to prevent situations where the servers get overloaded when hundreds of thousands of games are launched simultaneously:

    To combat this our staff are working on a login queue as you might have experienced in World of Warcraft. This will ensure that the player count stays at the level that we currently have in order to be able to identify how the system is performing and rectify it before it causes the game to buy diablo 2 resurrected items go down completely.