Selecting the right sample population in your research proposal

  • Are you achieving low grades on research assignments? As a college student, you must know how to carry out your research effectively and write up a good proposal. This college-level research writing or essay writing is extremely beneficial for those students who plan on going into the research and development field. By following the provided guideline, you will be able to understand the importance and methods of sampling for data collection

    Importance of Research proposals

    Research proposals are made prior to your actual research paper. Your research proposal represents how you plan on approaching the problem at hand. You first describe the problems and then propose your research methodology as a solution. You must be aware of other research approaches and explain to your audience why your approach is economically sound, unique, and will be fruitful. The evaluation party will judge your proposal and decide whether they will fund your project or not.

    Starting your proposal

    The starting of your paper is very important and must engage the reader immediately. You might wonder how to start an essay like an expert essay writer? The simple answer is by making a rough outline and carrying out research. You must be completely aware of the topic before beginning your proposal. It is wise to come up with random expected questions and keeping their answers in your mind

    Sampling importance

    Selecting the right sample for data collection is critical. The selected group of people must be diverse so the collected data represents a larger population. Sampling is very crucial for data collection because you must be able to extrapolate your data to understand the general pattern of the whole population. A survey, questionnaire, or any form of collected data is useless if it does not give us a rough idea about a whole population's opinion. An example of bad sampling is asking poor American people living in slums if they are satisfied with their lives and then using that data to claim that the whole population of America is living an unsatisfied life. You can ask someone to write my essays for me and pay attention to your research proposal. 

    Sampling Techniques and examples

    1.     Random sampling

    Use this method when the applied data is to be extrapolated to a very large population. If your research question was related to the tea-drinking pattern of the whole Indian population, you cannot go to each and every household and count the number of cups. It is better to randomly take 10 households from each province of the country and finalize your data. The data would be accurate if the 10 houses selected include both poor and rich families.

    1.     Stratified sampling

    This method classifies your sampling population into importance. Some samples are more important for your research than others. You can divide the population based on demographic data such as gender, religion, age, and education. Stratified sampling can be thought of as taking random sampling and then categorizing it. An example is asking 1,000 people who they will vote for in the coming elections and subdividing them into gender or religion e.g., 80% of the Christian population is voting for a particular candidate.

    1.     Convenience

    This category of sampling is not very accurate. You can use this method for initial research to get a rough idea. The results obtained are quick because the process is quite simple. A good example would be students distributing a questionnaire to their relatives and friends.

    The accuracy of your research is dependent on the sample chosen. If sampling is confusing you, don’t worry there’s a solution. You can ask someone to "write my essay for me" or consult an online essay writing service to write your proposal for you. You must provide them with the topic, and what kind of sampling you think should be done.


    The accuracy of your research is one of the most important factors. Your obtained data needs to be accurate enough to be used by other researchers. It is always wise to consult an online essay writer services. They can either write your paper from scratch or check your final paper for errors.  

    History Research Paper Topics - List Of  Interesting Topics

    History is an enchanting subject to investigate. We can obtain knowledge into the past while additionally finding out about the present and future. What is it about history that makes it so interesting? There are different motivations behind why individuals pick history research paper points to expound on.

    One of the essential reasons is on the grounds that they empower you to acquire a superior comprehension of the world. So in the event that your teacher has relegated it as a venture, try to transform it into a tomfoolery and connecting with experience. However, just relax in the event that you can't! You can decide on an essay service.

    You'll find 100+ great theme thoughts here, which will save you an opportunity with regards to picking a subject. One strategy to make this interaction not so much distressing but rather more tomfoolery is to pick the legitimate subject from a pool of possible subjects.

    • What social effect did baseball's Negro Leagues have?
      Portray the job of religion in the development of the West.
      What was the impetus for the Civil War?
      Inspect the American Revolutionary War's set of experiences.
      Make sense of how America was colonized. An online essay writer would be a decent other option on the off chance that you can't compose on these points.
      The Battle of Chancellorsville's verifiable setting. Make sense of.
      What impact did the underground railroad have on the Civil War in the United States?
      Ladies of African plummet in writing and craftsmanship. Depict.
      How can it be that the achievements of African-American troopers in WWII are as yet neglected?
      How did Mormons defeat these hardships?
      Analyze the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
      Which job did the Militia play in the upset?
      Make sense of how Native Americans assumed a part in the Civil War.
      Is the United States very nearly another "Economic crisis"?
      Make sense of why the American triumph in the Battle of the Great Bridge was so huge.
      What impact did isolation have on the music business in the United States?
      What was the effect of Christopher Columbus' letters on America?
      Depict the frontier time frame in America.
      Is it genuine that the Great Depression affected American democratic way of behaving?
      What issues does the Bill of Rights have?
      Subjugation and revivalism were talked about comparable to another.

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    • The United States' financial advancement all through the interwar period.
      The effect of industrialization on friendly developments in the United States
      The verifiable importance of beacons in the Great Lakes
      What did France lose because of Louisiana's buy?
      How have charges been applied in the United States over now is the ideal time?
      Make sense of the variables that lead for the Great Depression in the last part of the 1800s.
      Portray the impact of the Cold War on underdeveloped nations.
      Make sense of the 1846 US-Mexican War.
      Make sense of the 1906 seismic tremor and fire in San Francisco.
      What effect has Native American culture had on American culture?
      What befell ladies in the United States during the 1920s?
      Look at the nineteenth-century occasions that impacted America.
      Look at conflicts with Native Americans in the last part of the 1800s.
      Portray the job of the United States in the Vietnam War.
      Servitude's heritage in Mexico and Central America is being discussed.
      1963-1978: Sources of Structural Change in the United States: An Input-Output Analysis
      Make sense of the effect of industrialization on American social developments.

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    • What set off the Spanish influenza pestilence in 1918, how could it spread, and how could it influence the United States?
      Inspect the Interwar Period (1919-1938)
      The renowned heads of antiquated Rome.
      The antiquated Egyptian realm.
      What is Christianity's experience?
      The Mongols and Globalization
      The Franks' starting points.
      In the United States, servitude was canceled.
      A worldwide change is in progress.
      In 1968, there were understudy uprisings.
      In Rome, 1500-1600, specialists from the Netherlands and Flanders.
      The historical backdrop of postmodernism.
      In 1920, what changes did ladies confront?
      During the 1920s, how did ladies' lives change?
      The 1964 Civil Rights Act is being discussed.
      During WWII, which jobs did ladies play in the military?
      Following 9/11, the justification for attacking Iraq.


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