50 persuasive essay topics on digital media and IT: 2021 update

  • Persuasive writing is an important and useful writing skill. It allows the writer to present their opinions and ideas in a clear, convincing, and structured way. Persuasive writing is a powerful way to influence people to believe in some cause such as voting for a specific candidate or donating to a charity. Persuasive writing is also good for the overall ability of the writer as it will make her conduct thorough research and use facts in an expressive way yet with conciseness. The writer learns to present and communicate their main arguments clearly and efficiently. Some students are good at writing persuasive essays while others struggle with it. Sometimes they are not clear about the topic they can write an essay on. In this post, the essay writer will find several essay topics on which you can do persuasive writing.  

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    A persuasive argument is something where the writer needs to present his or her viewpoint in a way so that the audience cannot eschew agreeing to your opinions.  Given below are some persuasive essay topics on digital media and IT. 

    1. Artificial Intelligence - Myth or Reality?

    2. Book Reading in Soft and Hard Copies - Pros and Cons

    3. Multimedia Use in Schools and Colleges

    4. Information Warfare

    5. Privacy of Personal Data in Today’s World

    6. Combative Video Games and Child Psychology

    7. Social Media Changing Social Realities

    8. Social Media and Political Participation

    9. Reusable Rocket Technology

    10.  Mars Inhabitation by Humans

    11.  Digitalization of the World

    12.  5th Generation Technology

    13.  Facebook and Popular Culture

    14.  Twitter and Political Culture

    15.  Digital Surveillance

    16.  Cybercrime

    17.  Net Neutrality

    18.  Online Bullying

    19.  Benefits of Video Games for Children

    20.  Online Shopping 

    21.  Use of Robots in Daily Lives

    22.  Space Exploration 

    23.  Digital Marketing - Effective or Not?

    24.  Social Media Addiction in Teens

    25.  Use of Media in Radicalizing People

    26.  Use of cryptocurrency

    27.  Future of Bitcoin

    28.  Electronic Money

    29.  5th Generation Warfare

    30.  YouTube’s Role in Imparting Education

    31.  Violence in Video Games Affecting the Teenagers

    32.  Mobile Phones and Social Interaction

    33.  Instagram and Narcissism 

    34.  Robotics Engineering

    35.  Geo-targeted Advertising

    36.  Automation Technologies

    37.  Cloud Computing

    38.  Cloud Migration

    39.  Smart Technology

    40.  Virtual Reality

    41.  Rise of Data Officers

    42.  Big Data Analytics

    43.  Growth of IoT (Internet of Things) Networks

    44.  Quantum Computing Application

    45.  Open Source Networks and Solutions

    46.  Rise of Chatbots

    47.  Search Engine Optimization

    48.  Cambridge Analytica

    49.  Edge Computing

    50.  Predictive Analytics


    These were some of the topics for writing persuasive essays regarding digital media and IT that you can explore. A lot of students, however, find it difficult to write persuasive essays by themselves. Therefore, what they usually do is approach a college essay writing service to get their assignments done. These online writing services provide a lot of help with assignments and homework for students especially those who are trapped by multiple deadlines and short time. 

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    Therefore, If write my paper service provider wants to be a pro at writing persuasive essays you have to keep practicing and learning new skills along with tips, tricks, or techniques so as to come up with good and impressive essays. If you are not sure about the topic, you can pick up any topic of your choice from the above list and start writing. Only you can make yourself better. Work at it.


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