Master Black Belt Certification Philippines

  • In the competitive world, one needs to possess the latest skills to remain ahead of others. With every day’s new advancements, something or the other is added. To remain in the competition, one needs to learn the latest skills. This can be done either by going for higher studies or doing the certification. The latter option is chosen by most people, especially corporate sector employees. This is because certification requires less time and one can do it along with the job. One of the latest and most demanded certifications in the industry nowadays is the six sigma black belt.


    Six sigma is the technique of improving business processes by removing any kinds of errors and deviations in it. Improving the business process from time to time has become very important. The reason is customer satisfaction. Many times the business processes become obsolete which leads to a high attrition rate of customers. It is always better to analyze the business processes and make them better and in line with the time. 


    There are two techniques in six sigma certification that are used to improve business processes:


    • DMAIC: It stands for define, measure, analyze, improve and control. It is used to improve the existing processes. In the define phase, the problem is identified. During this step, the tools like the voice of the customer and project charter are used. The problems are listed down in quantifiable terms which the customer is facing and planning for change starts. In the Measure phase, the project focus is narrowed. VOC is converted to CTQ (critical to quantity). In the analysis phase, the professionals dive deep into the process and try to know the root cause of the problem. In the improvement phase, the solution is evaluated and lastly, in the control phase, the validation of the project benefits is done.

    • DMADV: It stands for define, measure, analyzes, design, and validate. It is used to improve new processes.

    Both techniques are taught during six sigma black belt certification. Other than the master black belt certification, there are other initial levels of the certification too. These are the green belt and the black belt. Each level is composed of various modules. With each level, the expertise and scope of the professional improve. 

    The black belt certification is beneficial for the employee as well as the company in the following ways:


    • Improving sales through product optimization

    • Reduced errors in the process- It helps sin eliminate waste as well

    • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty of the customer

    • To scale up, standardized work is done in both new and existing processes.


    • Increasing the value of the organization

    • Improves critical thinking and analyzing power

    • Good job with a handsome salary

    • Chance to reach the top position in the company