Buy Diflucan 150mg/200mg Over the Counter

  • What is Diflucan, exactly?

    Diflucan is a medicine that is available only with a doctor's prescription and is used to treat the symptoms of fungal infections. It is possible to take Diflucan by itself or in conjunction with a number of different medications. Antifungals, of which Diflucan is a member, are the class of medications from which it originated.

    Because of the quicker oral absorption, it is recommended that the daily dosage of oral Diflucan (both the solution and the pills) be kept comparable to the amount used for intravenous therapy. In most cases, it is recommended that a loading dosage be administered twice daily for the first few days of treatment. This will induce plasma concentrations to begin to approach a steady state on day 2 of treatment.

    The appropriate daily dosage of Diflucan to treat infections, with the exception of vaginal candidiasis, is determined not only by the infecting organism but also by the patient's reaction to therapy. Vaginal candidiasis is an exception to this rule. The treatment must be continued until either laboratory tests or clinical parameters demonstrate that the active fungal infection has significantly decreased. If the treatment time is not done correctly, the infection might come back.