• At the pharmacy, we are able to customize many of the goods that we sell for our customers. Our compounding laboratory is fully stocked with all of the tools and supplies required to fulfill ANY and ALL prescriptions for custom orders. Starting with Baby Butt Paste and moving on to Decubitus Lotion. Do you feel that your medical demands are specific and frequently not met by products that are sold in stores? If such is the case, we can be of assistance. We are able to customize medicine to meet the needs of your individual health situation. Naturally, everything is carried out in line with the directions given by your physician.

    Remember that we provide bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women. Come on in and inquire with us about the distinction.

    Compounding offers a wide range of benefits, one of the most significant of which is the capacity to tailor medication to specific requirements or circumstances. The patient has a lot to gain from the ability to tailor the dose to their own needs. In order to provide the best possible treatment for the patient, we collaborate closely with the treating physician and the patient.

    The majority of people are unaware of the existence of the compounding lab, despite the fact that it is an essential component of our business. The information that is shown here will bring you up to speed on what we are capable of achieving with the assistance of this useful instrument.