Product use of medical three way stopcock

  • Today we are going to talk about the disposable medical three way stopcock.

    Product Details:

    Medical extension tube three-way valve, bulk, aseptic packaging, CE certification, ISO product quality certification, made of polypropylene or other high-density materials that are non-toxic to humans It is composed of screw cap, valve body, valve core, etc. Two directions are inner cone joints, and one direction is outer cone joints.

    product description:

    The cock can be divided into two-way cock, three-way cock, cock extension tube, and cock multi-connecting plate.

    The cock extension tube can be divided into two types: ordinary cock extension tube and pressure cock extension tube;

    The cock multi-connected plate can be divided into two-connected plate and three-connected plate.


    Extension tube three-way valve, sterile, no heat source, no acute systemic toxicity.

    Scope of application:

    This product is for one-time use in clinical infusion therapy,

    It can change the direction of the infusion, extend the infusion pipeline, and the pressure monitoring pipeline.

    The clinical use time of the pressure cock extension tube does not exceed 7 days, and the clinical use time of other models and specifications does not exceed 24 hours

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