NBA 2K21 redesign

  • The next generation system has high expectations for NBA 2K21. At this point, what we need to consider visually is the short film featuring Zion Williamson we saw a few months ago.

    When it comes to gameplay, you should believe that the system will be adjusted, but the process should be similar. In terms of display and even NBA 2K21 MT, the 2K modification community continues to provide franchise rights for different brands, which can become the pioneers of the next generation of looks.

    For example, YouTuber BJeff has released many modified NBA 2K21 games, the redesigned rendering effects and the quality of the redesigned stadiums and arenas are excellent. Take a look at the NBA Bubble version. This version is not in the current version of NBA 2K21 and will not be implemented in the next generation of products (so please tell me directly). Every player on the Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers roster also has updated footage.

    The rendering of the late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant has been greatly improved, and so on. There are even some ESPN integrations, considering that 2K does not have a license, we will not see it. However, immersion in the mod is great. There is no doubt that the appearance may be slightly higher than what we have seen from the current version of NBA 2K21, but although it looks good, I still think it is lower than the next-generation appearance.

    After the release of NBA 2K21, the expectations of players were not disappointed, especially the star characters among them were all expected. In NBA 2K21, if it is difficult to get your favorite star characters, then you can Buy MT. You can harvest more game fun.

    We may find out soon.