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  • Now, after so many of ESB Gold attempts to improve, they've sealed it. When they revealed es6, I was looking forward for it. They then made failout76, completely missing any interest in the es6. Starfield? Missing any interest since they continue their anti customer practices. I truly don't anticipate anything longer Bethesda anymore, to me they're like my ex girlfriend, by the sweetest girls I ever understood, brainwashed and corrupted to be a monster. They ought to just do the usual nonsense as it's a toddler platform, go complete political and imitation bleeding hearts and split it from the critical names, don't continue to mess up your name for what you understood for, or once known.

    Am I willing to play with Blades? Short response, No. Long answer, I dislike The Elder Scrolls Blades and how they handled The Elder Scrolls I've lost most of my hope and faith in them, You all understand the things they did. If they want to get their customers back then I feel they will need to really push their next big games to create them as good as they can. If Starfield&Elder Scrolls VI turn out great then they may have the ability to get perhaps 60%-80% of their players back take or give, Maybe not with us trusting them but together with us at least still playing their matches... (Maybe start with actually ironing out the bugs rather than make the moders take action .) ?

    While I know there are lots of ppl ready to party The Elder Scrolls Blades, I am optimistic. Loot boxes-- IMO these items will probably be employed by Whales so as to dominate in the PVP part of The Elder Scrolls Blades. While that sucks, it wouldn't draw me away in the Single Player narrative mode facet. I've invested YEARS to Bethesda games and I personally don't have a problem with a slow mill as long as it is enjoyable and free. Like most of the The Elder Scrolls Blades, be smart in the way you perform and take The Elder Scrolls Blades for exactly what it is, instead of pointing out what it isn't.

    https://www.mmogo.com/Esom/Gold.html Yes.This is this!!
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after so many of ESB Gold attempts to improve


  • Foging sam
    Foging sam: https://www.mmogo.com/Esom/Gold.html
    I wouldn't worry too much about Bethesda Game Studios solely focusing on The Elder Scrolls Blades though, the Montreal Studio is the one doing this, the Austin studio is your one focusing on maintaining The Elder...  more
    • April 18, 2019