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The line of scrimmage on Madden 21 coins

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    December 24, 2020
    The total number of times I've predicted a screen, followed it with the end, then phased throughout the tackle behind the line of scrimmage on Madden 21 coins 4th and short is disgusting.

    The best is when you've got everyone covered up down the area and also the HB is merely sitting just like 5 yards downfield and also the dude who is supposed to be covering him is another 5 yards beyond him just standing there with no one else around him.

    Then, from the time you notice it and switch on to him to get up and block the pass its too late, ball gets dropped off to him and he breaks a tackle for like 15 yards longer. WTF, why would you let him sit ? Get the up there and then cover him .Offense is better with recipients no more getting zone chucked completely off their routes and the ability to turn upfield. Man coverage is a bit overpowered when combined with skills, and EA has yet to address this. Quarterbacks appear to possess some moves that completely miss receivers and sail right to defenders, which combined with the steroid guy coverage may lead to some interceptions that causes you to roll your eyes.

    Defense has just taken a significant step back out of cheap Madden nfl 21 coins man coverage. Zones play tender, the d-line has no push against the run, and pass rush is not very noticeable. To make matters worse they've removed some of their game policy logic, never recognized it in any patch notes, and have not spoken about why they did it or when they play to fix their mistake.