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You refute that by asserting"I can get 3rd era any time

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    June 20, 2020
    You refute that by asserting"I can get 3rd era any time from OSRS gold a random clue between today and the death of OSRS. But I'll never be able to acquire a decorative from this shop if I do not take part in a specific tournament." Of course should you hints you've got a prospect of era, but you can not compare to not doing something doing something. It is like if you did not do hints; you're choosing to not do, if you don't take part in the championship. But a choice not to do something does not mean it's"actually impossible".

    Anyway, your argument is based on assumption and ones that were incorrect according to what Kieren has said. You have to play with the team to earn the benefits we understand. But there isn't anything to say it will be impossible for Ironmen to earn points to buy the rewards. There's nothing to say that the rewards are"one-time uniques" either; in fact, I doubt they'd be since that would be introducing"rares" back to OSRS, that has been shot down. And after we get the entire blog with the rewards and benefit system clarified, if you do not like it, you could always vote no. But arguing on the assumption you believe you might not be able to receive them is absurd.

    OK I'm eager to punt this argument until we see the way the rewards shop is structured. Clues vs tournament, the ideology is that one is publicly available to do at any moment while the other exists at a certain point. If rewards were one-off, they'd be unobtainable for some gamers. If I'm busy month when the tournament is, and that's I would not be able to ever get the one-off special. I would still be in a position to perform clue scrolls whenever nonetheless. Leagues sound cool for me. Cosmetic uniques sound cool to me. One-time rewards which are unobtainable after the fact are not cool to me. We do not understand how the rewards store will appear -- Just like you mentioned earlier. If it ends up rewards can be obtained slowly over time and that it is nice, and then I am OK with that. Let's wait till we understand to comment.

    You wont unlock every thing on ironman mode if ur not a hardcore player. Want it? Grind for it. Dont, then dont. I never expect to receive it although like I want corp pet. 833 hours including time average not. I mean how can kagex ever expect us to Old School RuneScape Gold find every (decorative ( pet as a casual player? You seem to think that points cant be obtained if you dont perform a/any year (s). Thats not true lmao. A person ten decades later will have the ability to earn points.