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In my final site I will be talking about how we are rebalancing

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    October 28, 2020
    In my final site I will be talking about how we are rebalancing the combat triangle; the new gear we are adding (including something truly amazing that we have been keeping as a surprise); battle levels and pures; and also the altered relationship between food, armour, life points and RuneScape gold Constitution. Thanks for reading!

    Varrock has culture (the memorial ) and purchasing (the grand exchange). But once you venture off the main street, it's all slums. Nyet. Lumbridge seems nice, but for the goblin camps nearby. Though, despite the discussion of a goblin invasion in Lumbythey seem to mind their own business if you don't begin a fight together. Becoming walled in and well guarded gives you a sense of security (possibly a false sense of safety?) , as well. But if you are not a stunt miner, there's not much happening there. Sure, there's the party room, but I have yet to see a party there...

    If you can not decide between small town life and big city excitement, Edgeville includes a little of both. It's a sleepy hamlet through the week, but on weekends it gets too crowded as Times Square on New Year's Eve. Pack a picnic basket and then take a chair on the mountain and see the PvPers battle it out only outside of the Wilderness Wall (you are in no danger so long as you stay on the"civilized" side). Though seeing undead skeletons wandering around only a couple of feet outside my bedroom window (even though they are safely supporting the winderness wall) would freak me out.

    Ardongue is a sizable city. It's a sizeable market in the village square. And it even has a zoo! But who wants to live so near that walled-in plague city (despite the rumors that the jolt is a hoax)? And if you venture beyond the city walls, you're at risk of being kidnapped and forced to OSRS Gold For Sale fight to the death in the Fight Arena (badly, why not the authorities move and put a stop to that operation?) .