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"NBA 2K "NBA 2K" series has been in existence

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    December 9, 2021
    "NBA 2K "NBA 2K" series has been in existence for a long time. At a time when the industry was full of diverse games of the same type and genre, it is the "NBA 2K" stands on its own. Even the supreme "NBA Live" must leave the market. What are the hurdles to NBA 2K22 MT the entry of "basketball basketball games".

    If the business is limited to one task to take care of this means that producers can make the most profit, allowing the company to pay for capital expenditures to develop new works (if they are willing to continue investing), but the disadvantage is that there are no competition, as there aren't any. mirrors, the performance of a piece of work can't be accurately assessed.

    "NBA 2K" and "NBA Live" were fighting for supremacy, until the former hired Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) as the game's cover game. The game also added its unique "career game mode". Basketball fans began to flock at "NBA 2K" play tilts. In addition to inviting contemporary or retired stars for covers "NBA 2K" also invited a variety of well-known music creators to collaborate to create music that is the most effective for the game. They were able to successfully target a group of young people who enjoy basketball and rock.

    It's a shame basketball games, unlike other sports , don't make significant advancements in terms of gameplay or system. In addition to making sure that player data is updated every year the game's developer 2K Sports has decided to "specialize the process" that the games play.

    Jidu has made many enhancements to its operation. It has even implemented real-time tactical switching and the adjustment of teammates' artificial intelligence settings and Buy 2K22 MT settings. The game has been upgraded from traditional action games to real-time action strategy games in order to appear more professional than professional.