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Freddie Mercury Jacket

  • August 24, 2021
    My mother wanted me to audition for my school's theatre, and I was kinda skeptical about it. Mainly because the theatre might have judgemental people. Or maybe that's just what I am fearful of. And what makes it even worse is that I don't have a friend in theatre class either. If I had a friend there, then I wouldn't feel this shy or embarrassed. So one of my classmates saw me wearing a Freddie Mercury Jacket in a supermarket and came up to me and told me to listen to some of his music for inspiration. And believe me, it made me feel so much better. And after I developed a liking for Freddie Mercury, guess what? I made a friend in class too. Just like that! Plus, the kids in my class are pretty nice too. Thank god my mom got me into theatre!