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Nike Soccer Issue

  • November 29, 2021

    No one is exempted when it comes to social issues, not even multinational companies, such as Nike, the premier manufacturer of soccer ball, Nike soccer ball. The society is like a living organism continuously moving forward and is capable to devour any obstacle that may come its way.

    As in the case of Nike, the company has been charged of child labor malpractices in one of their factories located in Pakistan. As of the moment, Nike denied any claims that they were directly involved on it (child labor) if there were any.

    Nike is much exactly like a societal living organism that can devour anything that crosses its path. Despite of the rules of Pakistan regarding child labor, the Pakistani government seemed helpless in curbing such practices. Their anti-child labor law appears to be ineffective in facing such commercial behemoth.

    Furthermore, the united states constitution also prohibits such practices, stating that such acts were considered illegal and a cruel practice. The u.S. Charter reiterates that any u.S. Corporation culpable of violating anti-child labor practices will be indicted.

    Nike, notwithstanding this law still has the power to create an impression of false hope and belief among its beneficiary nation, one of this is Pakistan. The Pakistani government is apparently motionless for quiet a long time regardless of the mynikevisit-survey that they were the first to have discerned this kind of malpractice.

    Survey and further study proved that almost half of the Nike soccer balls made in Pakistan had seen the hand of any of the employed child laborer. This is not a trifling crisis, it needs immediate solution. Just only imagine your son, 4 to 5 year old, lining up alongside older men in a production line of one of the biggest corporation in the world.

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