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Circle is a useful way to start introducing darker

  • Feb 21
    I'm loving the game however it's like they are trying to slam three games in one Dark And Darker Gold.

    This is referring to removing the circle. could make going to hell a coin flip (as as in the case where what you need to go to hell, it's completely down to luck)

    Additionally, Circle is a useful way to start introducing some gear burn . Otherwise, there would be nothing (any in-game AI that you receive in a battle while already accumulating loot isn't going to cause you to die on its own)

    and it does make the quicker pace possible (something I really enjoy particularly when i have to do a bunch of stuff to work on and then only get around to playing a little)

    If they keep the circle then take out the consuming it. There's no reason not to be in a position to tank it, if you're wearing heals. This isnt a BR that is collapsing, it is just a source of conflict and with more players pushing for a session (now 18) theres less portals to all.

    The circle can lead to faster running, which makes the game more exciting. There are times you're consumed by darkness when you're just the last man standing , because the portal is too far away or you're not aware that it exists. i've died quite a few instances where i've been consumed by the darkness , armed with an entire bag of loot. And sure, i got angry for a while however "play again" got clicked and i'm right back at it.

    If you've never seen me in other threads, i truly hate BR games. but i've been having a ??? blast in this one - circle in the mix. It seems like it's creating an additional layer of elements that increase the risk of being in danger, and while it is true that sometimes it creates situations where you are sucked into... it keeps you on the move regardless of engaging that trio when you're on your own. Take your time and be cautious cheap Dark And Darker Gold. maybe you lose. maybe someone else joins up and you are the winner. In all likelihood, you gain an advantage over them and win yourself. i've died plenty to trios of duos, duos and solos. I laugh sometimes, and (though I'm not sure if it is successful) hit the talk button and explain what I have in my body, they're gonna take it , but what? man, you got me.