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Charles Barkley says Christmas isnt fun

  • Aug 29
    Charles Barkley is not a fan of Christmas.Appearing on radio show Thursday, Barkley was asked how he was going todominate Christmas." Instead, he went on Mark Letestu Jersey a rant about how much he doesn't enjoy the holiday.MORE: |Man, ya know, Christmas is not a lot of fun for me. Cause its just a big waste of money. When youre black and rich, everybody thinks theyre a part of your family Jari Kurri Jersey . Everybodyis a relative. Everybody wants a really nice gift. Its like your family members, one year you Boyd Gordon Jersey buy them a house, the next year you buy them a car, the next year you buy them a sweater. They look at you like, You only got me a Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Jersey sweater? They always want the gifts to escalate, so you cant ever get them a sweater if you bought them a house the year before because they get pi sed.SoIm not a big Christmas fan. Im a firm believer that Santa Claus should only bring kids gifts. I think Santa Claus should bring everybody gifts until the get out of high school, Milan Lucic Jersey and then thats it. Thats my personal opinion.