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Top 15 NBA shooting guards for 2017-18 Its James H

  • Aug 29
    Its been a lament for years now: The shooting guard position, as we once knew it, has pretty much disappeared. Gone are the do-it-all wings like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Ray Allen and Clyde Drexler, replaced by a much more specialized lot whose job is to simply wait by the 3-point line and fire away.The one exception in todays game is James Harden, who was a point guard last season.After him, we get right to the shoot-only types, and beyond the first five SGs in the league, the drop gets precipitous.POSITION RANKINGS: | | | 15. Evan Fournier, MagicKey number:103.7. That was the Magics points per 100 po se sions last season, which ranked 29th. It was an awful offensive team, which skewed Fourniers numbers a bit.Outlook:At 17.2 points, Fournier led the Magic Jordan Clarkson Jersey in scoring, which says a lot more about the Magic than about Fourniers place in the league. Orlando is devoid of scoring options, so Fournier becomes the de facto top option, and thats just too easy for defenses to shut down.He had some foot i sues last year, but when healthy, he is a solid No. 2 or 3 option on a good team.14. Victor Oladipo, PacersKey number:21.4. That was Oladipos usage rate with the Thunder last year, lower than any of his three seasons in Orlando, where he was expected to generate more of the offense himself.Outlook:As if Oladipo has not had enough trouble meeting puffed-up expectations in his career, now he goes to Indiana as the main piece the Pacers got in Wilt Chamberlain Jersey return for superstar Paul George.Oladipo had to adjust to playing with Ru sell Westbrook in Oklahoma City last year, which, in the end, seemed a more comfortable role for him than as a top option who has to do the heavy offensive lifting. But hes back in that spot now with the Pacers.13. Eric Gordon, RocketsKey number:33.9. That was Gordons 3-point shooting percentage after the All-Star break, which makes some sense. Hed played 50 games before the break (shooting 38.5 percent from the 3-point line), which, given his injury history, was about a full season for his body. He tumbled after that.Outlook:By now, were far removed from the memory of what Gordon might have been back when he looked like a budding All-Star with the Clippers. Its just nice to see him back in a comfortable role, and healthy as he fills it.Gordon was outstanding off the bench for the Rockets last year, but the late-season swoon was a problem. If he is better conditioned this year, that should change.12. Dion Waiters, HeatKey number:23.8. What got into Waiters last year, anyway? After establishing a reputation as an offensive black hole, Waiters surprised everyone by putting up an a sist percentage of 23.8, up nearly 10 full points from his career mark of 14.4 percent. His 4.3 a sists per game were a big boon for Miami.Outlook:All Waiters needs to do now is repeat what he did in 2016-17, which is not going to be easy it was easily Waiters best NBA season, rescuing his career from bust-hood, as he averaged 15.8 points and shot 39.5 percent from the 3-point line.He will have his skeptics. Last year was a contract year, and now that he got big money (four years, $52 million) from the Heat, hell have to stay motivated.11. Avery Bradley, PistonsKey number:.541. That was the Celtics winning percentage in Bradleys seven years in Boston, which included six trips to the postseason and two trips to the conference finals. The Pistons are a team that cant seem to figure out how to win, and the challenge for Bradley will be to change that.Outlook:Before his Achilles injury last year Jose Calderon Jersey , Bradley was extraordinary for his consistency he scored 11-plus points in each of his first 35 games, and was among the best backcourt rebounders in the game. His defensive reputation is established.Bradley is not going to compete for an All-Star spot, but on a roster packed with wild cards, his reliability will be greatly appreciated by coach Stan Van Gundy.DEVENEY: 10. Rodney Hood, JazzKey number:38.8. That was the combined scoring average of George Hill and Gordon Hayward, Utahs top two scorers from a year ago (Hill was only healthy for 49 games). Someones going to have to make up that lo s of scoring punch, and Hood is a Lonzo Ball Jersey good candidate.Outlook:Hoods second NBA season did not gowell, as he was sidelined for a month because of a knee injury one that could have been much worse.In that regard, Hood is lucky that he enters Year 3 with a chance to make some real progre s. He played in seven games without Hayward last year, and averaged 17.9 points in those games. 9. Nicolas Batum, HornetsKey number:47.2. That was Batums effective field-goal rate, which ranks as the worst in his career. Prior to last season, his effective field-goal percentage was 52.8, and the Hornets would gladly welcome a return of his efficient shooting.Outlook:Batums numbers (15.1 points, 6.2 rebounds, 5.9 a sists) were not out of whack last year, but the fact that he had just been given a five-year, $120 million contract left Hornets fans wanting a bit more. Fans in Portland can commiserate: They long wanted Batum to be a more aggre sive scorer.But he is not going to change his stripes now he will continue to be a solid, versatile contributor, but uncomfortable if asked to be a No. 2 scorer. Still, the Hornets will need him once he returns from.8. Gary Harris, NuggetsKey number:11th. That was the Nuggets rank in 3-point shooting last year, which was a small miracle, led largely by Harris. Prior to last year, Denver had ranked 24thor worse in 3-point shooting in four of their five previous seasons.Outlook:Harris third-year emergence was obscured by the fact that he played only 57 games and that Denver did not have much of a national profile, but Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jersey both of those factors could change this season.Harris averaged 14.9 points and made 42.0 percent of his 3s, and he got better after the All-Star break, when he averaged 16.8 points and had a true shooting percentage of 64.8.7. Devin Booker, SunsKey number:70. Booker put up a 70-point performance in a meaningle s game in Boston, an impre sive reminder of his scoring prowe s. But his ability to blo som into a superstar will depend on his willingne s to expand his game beyond scoring.Outlook:Booker could stand to be more consistent as a finisher at the rim, but one encouraging aspect of last year, his second in the NBA, was that he improved his shooting percentage from every distance on the floor.According to, that came especially on 3s (36.3 percent, up from 34.3 percent) but also from short midrange (37.0 percent to 38.1