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The place, one that has featured performances

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    June 22, 2020
    On a Saturday night at Manhattan's Terminal 5, the atmosphere looks like that of a primetime awards show. Cameramen and flashing bulbs lineup a rug, straining for shots of luminaries as they walk by. A line of spectators waits to be given entrance to NBA 2K MT an event promised to feature actors, musical guests and also the best in the world at their craft being acknowledged. This is not the Oscar's, Emmy's or Grammy's. The day has all the makings of the big leagues.

    The place, one that has featured performances from the likes of Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg in the past few years, sets the stage; NBA 2K players who spend most of their lives in relative funds are, for tonight, transformed into full-on celebrities. "There are more than 50 million NBA 2K players who perform 2K in some way, shape or form," explained Brendan Donohue, NBA 2K League Managing Director. "We're ending up with the best 100 NBA 2K players in the world, so we want to create that NBA 2K player feels like he got into the maximum mountaintop."

    Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis declares the first choice on behalf of Wizards District Gaming. Former New York star Allan Houston selects for Knicks Gaming. It's a watershed moment of types for NBA 2K and even esports as an industry, a indication of just how far a once-niche pursuit has arrived in only a couple of short years and a definite notice served that this world isn't going anyplace. And within just a few weeks, it'll be shattered by a worldwide crisis -- replaced with a completely different reality, one losing a completely new light on the relevance and significance of gambling in our modern world.

    Within an April afternoon that is early, Ronnie Singh is sitting alone in his sack. Singh -- better known in the gaming world as Ronnie 2K, Director of Influencer Marketing for NBA 2K and the franchise's exceptionally popular public face, boasting over a million Twitter followers -- is currently handling commentary and organization responsibilities for a one-on-one tournament being Buy NBA 2K20 MT played between 16 NBA NBA 2K players, broadcast on ESPN.