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We're now in full production and working hard on the game

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    July 8, 2020
    "We're now in full production and working hard on the game and Diablo IV Gold we are looking forward to sharing additional information in the coming months. I know the rumors are fueled by enthusiasm for the sport and I assure you that if we are ready to talk about the next phase of development there will be clear messaging from Blizzard. Thanks for your patience as we have some opportunity to find the game " It's possible to observe how Diablo: Immortal has improved over the past year at a development update video, on peak of this article, released by Blizzard at BlizzCon.

    This was a BlizzCon. Nevertheless, it was strange because we have extensive previews of two huge games, Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4, yet we didn't get so far as a launch window for either of these.

    Blizzard has not published a complete game since 2016 when Overwatch first surfaced. It seems like at the earliest, they will launch one in 2020, I but don't even think that is true, according to what we're seeing here.

    Of the two games, it seems just like Overwatch 2 is further along in development and will be outside before Diablo 4. Likely nicely before Diablo 4. But in this scenario, there's not just a huge hurry since Overwatch two is a peculiar sequel since it will probably just wind up merging OW1 and two PvP, and the game itself will function largely as a PvE growth for players who wish to play with those new story missions.

    If you were only going by this reveal and announcement, I would have initially figured that Overwatch 2 might get here as soon as spring 2020. And without a window given, that seems extremely unlikely, and I am pretty certain at one stage Blizzard said it would probably not be here before following BlizzCon.