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I only got back to OSRS a couple of weeks ago

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    July 12, 2020
    I would not anticipate it, definitely a surprise when I see it. I checked out the principal sub and it has all upper tier content and does not seem very welcoming to anyone that RS gold hasn't maxed out numerous skills.Most people are pretty nice in the community. You just hear the worst in the chat. The subreddit is high tier to just how old the game is due and the number of individuals have maxed account by today. Not sure on any other communities however... If you require a hand with anything RS3 connected send me a PM! Could do with a couple creatures on there.

    I only got back to OSRS a couple of weeks ago, along with my wife wanted to start playing too (after like 10 years). She jumped directly into RS3 since it's all new to her, which pulled me back into RS3. Anyways is fun and chill. I need to delve deeper into the lore with this new advice!

    Can they release a new skill? Archaeology, Divination and Inventing seem to be 3. They've overhauled a whole lot, so it grindy. Mining/Smithing are a lot better today. I hadn't played in about 8 or 9 decades, the images are WAY better now too. There is voice acting for quest NPCs today too.Can't say I ever played runescape for the graphics, but yeah, they are better. I hadn't seriously played because mid school in 2005~. I still think it has the most in depth crafting/skill system of any MMO.

    The entire ability has hundreds of D&D references, it is wonderful. I really don't have any resources to back this, but I believe Gielinor was initially a D&D setting the Gowers played before they made it into RS. Who wouldn't want a digital version of the world? I wouldn't be shocked to buy RuneScape gold find this out. I would also be lying if I said I hadn't"borrowed" some of their quests for one-shots. It would make an excellent setting, particularly for a lore-hound like me. It'd be possible to make a setting manual for Gielinor that may range in the size of a pamphlet to a full blown hardcover book.