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I know there needs to be developers for these games

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    October 3, 2020
    I could not agree more! It is almost as if they listened to all our complaints and just made them worse. I was thinking maybe because I was playing the game through EA play was why it was so laggy, but every menu is boggy and the MUT menus are unbearable. I told myself I was not going to Mut 21 coins find this following Madden 20, and that I pre ordered it anyhow. This is actually the 1st time in a long time I'm extremely mad in a video game purchase. The animations are twice as bad and are a complete joke. Occasionally I have better luck once I choose a drama and only put down my controller. It's almost as if the defense reacts to your own button pushes on offense and vice versa. Nothing feels controllable. It is like playing soccer underwater on a DSL connection. I am an idiot because I missed soccer so much I believed this would fill the void, but it only made the emptiness larger.

    I know there needs to be developers for these games here somewhere so here's my plea. PLEASE for the love of god realize you still have a pretty loyal fan base that will buy your games for the very same reasons Knick's fans buy tickets and jerseys. We grew up with you guys and are able to recall the days when you brought us legitimate joy to the highest level. We place an absurd amount of money into your pockets EVERY single year and we find ourselves begging, literally, for its most simple improvements. What do you do with this idiotic heap of gold you have been handed more than in and year out? We have little to no options so we keep coming back to you but you can tell it is just like a failing relationship at this point. We're in it for the relaxation rather than the quality now, and just enjoy a shitty spouse you men just leach off of us and don't hear a thing we say or function on a thing we request. I don't have any reason to purchase this game based off recent ones,and also the newest reviews for this one.

    Yes, its just a game, but it is your job to take care of it like a fire and livelihood because for us it can be more than that. It can be a fantastic time with friends, a break from the actual world, or yes even only a game. Regardless of why we played we gave you guys cash with the expectation of the bare minimum and you refuse at this point and even laugh in our faces acting like you are putting out the highest quality content, when that's our task to decide and review. Guess what? Answers in. . .we despise it and feel cheated. We've been cheated. You guys clearly do not give a fuck and at this point I hope 2k puts out a game, since it could be only as good as your sorry games and I, and a few million others, would still buy it as a fuck you to you dick wads. Would you not believe us if we say we miss you guys giving a fuck? Can you not care?Demo: What I really do enjoy and my small positive take away from this game is your in-game presentation. I'm a big immersion man and they have taken meaningful steps in this area. Pre game intros are fine and there are a variety of cutscenes in the middle of gameplay. User controlled parties should have yet to be marketed as a huge attribute but it's kind of pleasant as a little addition if it was stated as such. It is nowhere close to 2K but it's a lot better than every other Madden on this particular console Generation.

    Face of the Franchise: Career Mode in sport games is my favourite mode in all of gaming. I always play every game and have sunken innumerable hours on multiple titles. From the Madden 21 demo I was simulating the majority of those matches. This story does not make you care. It's so dead and corny. The characters are super unlikeable and this is coming from a man who kind of enjoyed the 2k18 MyPlayer narrative and at the end of the day I simply don't care. I didn't wish to invest myself in the story they had going on. The situations were super unrealistic from it turned into a packed NFL arena to get a high school country game or Snoop Dog only randomly on the field. It all just screams cliche and I usually still love that sort of material but I just wanted to skip the cutscenes but I exposed myself . Your gameplay at the early stages doesn't even matter, you could be the worst soccer player ever and you still get 10 D1 offers at this point why even have me play? The game sets you back on rookie mode without the choice to fix so it turns into buy Madden nfl 21 coins only chucking up the ball and pressing Y(or Triangle) and setting up +70 on everybody. I have never believed this univested in a career manner and this is the second as it clicked that I'm not enthusiastic about this game at all.