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I'm currently wishing to get back into Runescape

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    November 29, 2020
    Should you mean"are there things in a POH that assist regular game play", you betcha! But there are too many of them, at a lot of different levels, to RS gold give all the details; I suggest visiting Sal's site or to TipIt and performing research in the skill guides there. Synopsis of items that you can do in a variety of rooms: Workshop -repair armour, including Barrows armour; create flatpack furniture (not a money-maker till high levels); infinite tool supplies; create clockwork toys. Chapel - recharge your prayer at your altar; extra prayer XP at higher levels. Costume room - storage of plenty of things, which frees up your bank room.

    I'm currently wishing to get back into Runescape and have several questions. I am an old school player who has been playing since RS Classic, and finally quit playing once the new commerce rule came around some time back. I had a funny feeling it'd ruin the game, so I proceeded on World of Warcraft instead. Having seen Runescape still going strong & not wanting to continue paying the £8.99 subscription fee for WoW, I've decided to come back into Runescape and just set up with the new commerce system. It can't be that bad I guess.

    - Having been out of RS for a while now and having never made a mage before I am not quite sure where to begin. I have an alt character (who I had been planning to make into a ranger but never got around to it) who I will be making to a Pure Mage. His stats are: Combat Level - 32, Defence - 20, Ranged - 40, HP - 31. His other stats are at 0 currently. Will his stats pose any problems, e.g. would I be better off just starting from scratch rather than transforming this personality into a mage?

    - when I used to perform there were items such as Power Pures etc, where their skills are something similar to the following: Strike - 60 (so they could wield Dragon weapons), Strength - 99 (To strike harder of course), Defence - 0 to 60 (some kept it at 0 so their battle level was comparatively low, whereas others made it to 60 or even 70 so as to wear Dragon etc). The point is that there strength was their greatest combat ability therefore as I said above, their combat level was fairly low but they might hit extremely high amounts. This is kinda what I would like to perform with my mage, but I am not sure how to OSRS GP start doing it. The problem with RS is (as I am sure you all know) that once you increase a skill you can not reduce it you're stuck using it, therefore I'd love to discover exactly what I am doing before I go about creating this personality. What I do know however is that I want to keep prayer at 1.