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    April 24, 2020
    [b]Granite Male Enhancement[/b] Just as in the physical environment we could not move effectively if we were not simultaneously aware of our body Granite Male Enhancement the environment around us, so neither woman nor man could move effectively in the relationship if, in some way, they did not managed to maintain the right balance between awareness of their needs Granite Male Enhancement those of their partner. This leads us to think that for the woman, who at least in our society, there is still much more than man the danger that her needs may be overwhelmed by those of the other, a moment of pause is sometimes more than ever indicated for learn to listen Granite Male Enhancement find your own thread, making it a bit of a compass to better orient yourself in relationships with the opposite sex. Therefore, in the absence of a subjective experience of falling in love, abstinence may be the attempt to escape fragmentation, to a void that could become rampant, which can go as far as extinguishing the sensitivity of the body, perhaps leaving only resentment Granite Male Enhancement humiliation. The condition of feeling in love can be identified with a situation in which his needs are taken into due consideration. Of course, returning to the scene, so to speak, can be a more or less long Granite Male Enhancement laborious process, in which the element of "luck" should not be underestimated, such as running into one person more positive than another. The impression is that the longer the period in which one remains in abstinence, the easier it is for defensive mechanisms to come into play, dictated by the profound need to avoid the anguish connected to the exercise of sexuality with all that what this entails. It is not possible to think that a person can remain alone Granite Male Enhancement in sexual abstinence for years Granite Male Enhancement years simply because he does not "find" to fall in love.