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Tips for caring for hair damaged by chemical processes

  • June 25, 2020
    If you are one of those who suffers because the hairstyle and the dye have dried your hair, do not worry! At Univital we give you 4 tips to take care of hair damaged by chemical processes.

    We know that the use of the iron, the dryer or the wave tube is unavoidable and that the application of dyes or coloring processes, too, because we always want to look fashionable and have SPECTACULAR hair! As they say out there, be a little dessert.

    However, these actions cause our cuticle to become rough, our hair is brittle and the ends terribly split, but how should we take care of damaged hair ? Pay attention.
    1. Provide appropriate care
    Having a good washing routine will help your hair not be damaged gorgeous hair growth serum and always look radiant, that's why you should include a good Shampoo, a conditioning treatment, a repairing mask and a thermoprotective treatment.

    Avoid using heat tools as much as possible, as we have already done enough damage and also try not to rub your hair when it is wet, the ideal is to use microfiber towels and drain it. Do not rub it.

    Let the products work well and remove them very gently, you can also alternate the application mode and sometimes apply the mask or the conditioning treatment before the shampoo.
    2. Apply homemade masks
    If you wonder what is good for damaged hair , we cannot lose sight of the fact that some natural ingredients have the best properties for hair care. Therefore, make sure that the products you use or the homemade masks that you apply, contain moisturizing ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Panthenol, Glycerin or Proteins, since these can help recover damaged and fragile hair .

    On the other hand, plant-derived oils and proteins also help nourish and repair hair, such as argan oil, as they wrap hair in a thin protective film that smoothes the cuticle layer to make hair look healthy. and brilliant.

    3. Get delicate hairstyles for damaged hair
    Remember that after washing, the hair swells and is therefore especially vulnerable to external damage, so as we mentioned above do not rub it with the towel and use a wide toothbrush to detangle it and try to do it by tufts.

    On the other hand, let it dry in the open air if you do not have any special event, so you will give it a break and this will allow it to recover. If you definitely have to use it then do it at full power, but without going over medium heat.
    4. Cut dry hair and split ends.
    If you have dry hair and very split ends, we recommend you use our Sativa Rice Protein and also, moisten your hair with our Aurora Oils so that your hair softens and recovers its shine.

    Finally, at Univital we recommend that when the tips are excessively open, it is best to cut them. So your hair will look much healthier, so it will grow again and it will not be stagnant, dull and lifeless.