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  • Posted On: Oct 05, 2021
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  • Description: This blog would help you clear the confusion on which framework would be the right one for your web application development. You will get a fair idea as to which framework would offer the features and functionalities you need for your web app. Let us dive into detailed information on Django Vs Laravel Web Development Comparison to help you make an informed decision. Know About Django Django is a high-grade framework designed using Python and is used for website design company .The framework is developed by Django Software Foundation and was launched in 2005 Know about Laravel Laravel is a PHP-based framework used for web application development. It was developed and created by Taylor Otwell. The framework was launched in 2011. Laravel comes with MVC architecture- Model View Controller and was the perfect CMS solution in its initial years of launch. Recently it has improved a lot to become the ideal solution for different types of applications. With re-usable code functionality, Laravel becomes one of the efficient frameworks for web applications. Django Vs Laravel- Comparison In Terms Of Performance 1. Popularity And Usage Django It is a leading framework serving different website categories like Electronics Drinks Food Science & reference Also, it has gain popularity as the best web framework in around 30 different countries across the world including France, U.S, Russia, and Spain. Laravel The framework is utilized for a range of website categories like Business Internet Telecommunication Arts Shopping Travel Talking about its popularity, the web framework has gained popularity across 157 countries including China, Brazil, and the UK. 2. Scalability Django As the framework is based on one of the fastest programming languages- Python, Django is very scalable. Hence, it is used by the most popular websites like NASA, Instagram, Mozilla Firefox, etc. These are high-traffic websites that rely on this framework. Laravel Laravel uses PHP language and is a little slow, so this framework has some limitations when it comes to facilitating higher scalability. Hence, it may not be the right framework for websites that need to manage high traffic. 3. Security Django Django offers a secure user authentication system that can help you manage several user accounts & passwords. It helps developers to avoid making common mistakes like cross-site requests, forgery, cross-site scripting, and clickjacking Laravel Laravel makes use of salted and hashed passwords. It means the password will not be stored in the form of plain text inside a database. The framework relies on - “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” to build an encrypted form portrayal of a password. 4. Speed Django Django is based on the Python language which is the fastest programming language and offers accelerated implementation. It makes Django the preferred choice of developers to boost the web application development process without investing much time. Laravel Laravel is an efficient framework packed with excellent added features. Though these added features make it a little slow as compared to other PHP web frameworks. To improve the speed of web apps the developers rely on many other methods. This factor needs to be considered in Django Vs Laravel Website Design And Development Comparison.Well, PHP version 7 still comes with improved performance but again that doesn’t make it a faster framework. 5. Routing Django When it comes to routing in Django, it is a little difficult as it doesn’t have any built-in API (application programming interface). Hence you need to utilize a library to work with it and execute routing. Laravel Creating routes comes easy with Laravel and you can perform different tasks patch, get, post, and delete. Afterward, provide the route URL and view/controller method. Django The framework has a user-friendly admin panel that can be enabled using a single command. The robust admin panel helps you create super users & register different models you want to manage via admin. Laravel Laravel has no admin panel so you need to rely on a 3rd party library to build a library of your own from scratch. 7. Templating Django Django comes with a Jinja template engine. This engine helps customization of filters, tests, tags, and globals. It also helps the template designer to perform functions using arguments on objects. Laravel Laravel has a strong template engine that is Blade. It has plenty of features. 8. Project Structure Django Talking about the project structure while comparing Django Vs Laravel Web Development,Django comes with easy management for plenty of apps as it offers an individual parent directory for every app that comes under a single root project. Laravel Well, Laravel doesn’t support the management of multiple apps. The structure of this framework is perfect for medium-sized projects or the project where you don’t need to manage multiple apps. Wrap up After looking at Django Vs Laravel website development company Comparison in terms of performance, each of the frameworks has its pros and cons. This means out of the two you can pick the one that fulfills the needs of your project. After measuring Django Vs Laravel Web Development,it will be easy for you to decide which framework suits your web application requirement. Also, you can take the help of a reliable website development company as they would be in a better position to tell you which framework can cater to the needs of your vision based on the features each framework has to offer. If you want reliable consultation on which framework to choose then connect with WebFox a trusted web design and development company to get customized solutions for web apps. Just discuss your requirements and get business-centric web solutions for your project. 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