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  • Posted On: Sep 25, 2020
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  • Description: We all of us enter a new world at this pandemic time where the corona virus shuts down all schools, colleges and Educational Institutions. So, the Animation Boom which is the best animation institute in delhi provides e-learning. Animation Boom provide courses of Graphic Designing, Web-Designing, Interior Designing, Maya and Animation by giving online classes. The Education Institutions have been closed due to COVID-19, so the students are learning from home. This is the big challenge for the Education Institutions to motivating the Students to take the online classes. For this Teachers, Parents and students play an important role at this pandemic time. It is difficult but not impossible to give and take online classes. Animation Boom which is the best animation institute in delhi, they store the course material online, manage assignments, solve the queries of the students and give the feed back to students through e-learning is quite difficult but we make it easy by our great efforts. We give the online classes by Skype and Zoom Application. Online classes takes more time to understand what the teacher is going to do and to take the reviews of the students at one time but we try at our level best. Currently, major challenge is that to learn at this pandemic time. Animation Boom analysis all these problems and try to solve it. By our efforts students are able to understand and enjoy their classes very much. Animation means creativity so we are design our course in such a way that it becomes more creative when the students taking the online classes. It is quite difficult but the Animation Boom knows how to handle it and to over come with this problem because it is the best animation institute in delhi. If you are interested to take online classes and to became an animator in this time you are free to call : 9899116732, 9212121496 at 24×7
  • Location: delhi