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  • Posted On: Dec 17, 2020
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  • Description: Just pick one tree that drops them, shake it for complete drops, pick up, shake the tree again for full drops (15 items on ground total either side of shrub ), repeat till you've got everything you need I've gotten maximum 14 pinecones or acorns out of a single tree similar to this. Takes time but falls are not modest or restricted in this particular game, it is simply not going on ASAP following the first 8 items fall.This is the way I do it as well, and I only go until I get a complete stack. They will provide them infinitely but that I think that the drop rate is roughly 10%. I know right? They're gonna remain up all the time too in my island lmao Was just in the other thread about waiting for this upgrade when my Twitter telling came through. Really excited to your new skin/eye colors along with also the pumpkin DIYs look great! Super excited. Music is nice and spoopy also I wish that there was more vegetables/fruits that we could grow on the floor. Ive booked an entire section of my island for a plantation,they Will Surely add more with time, a person mentioned that potentially candy canes will be farmable for christmas That is a really cute addition, and I'm really into the clothing they showed also. Time for spooky!I doubt they would take clothes away that you bought, but they might make them seasonal things that just appear in the Ables' store one month each year. I hope we get more hair options generally. One can only sort through all of the hairs so frequently before copying hairstyles.The fresh skin colors reminded me of The Sims supernatural DLCs. It was a sudden attribute but really neat!I think October is gonna join April (Redd, Leif) and July (swimming, Pascal, Pirate Gulliver) as the updates with the most content. If you want to know more about AC, you can visit
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