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  • Posted On: Mar 25, 2021
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  • Description: Photo restoration services are our most extensive level of digital repair, and we are acknowledged experts in photo restoration photoshop. Back in the days, people didn’t have the luxury of saving all their pictures onto memory cards and backing them with a computer. In those days, you had to urge the roll of film developed, have the photos printed, and tuck them away into photo albums. Unfortunately, these printed images have a limited lifespan because the quality of the photo paper and ink used wasn’t as good as what we use now. Because the years went by, deterioration would set in, leaving us with photo albums and boxes crammed with old, damaged photos with faded ink, tattered edges, and even some scratches and stains here and there. Restoring an old photo isn’t all that tough. You’ve to know the thanks for doing the photo restoration photoshop and retouching!