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  • Posted On: Feb 10, 2020
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  • Description: The next way is by consume BP Zone some natural medicine that is proven as the great alternative medicine that almost never causes any side affects. The wonderful garlic is really effective to your hypertension. Just consume it about two cloves a day to reduce the spasm of the small arteries and make your heart rhythm comes to normal.Also, you could start to consume some healthy fruits as your daily diets. Citrus fruit, grape fruit, and lemon are the example of great fruit as the solutions to lower the blood pressure. Having rich of Vitamin D, those fruits are able to develop the smallest arteries to be stronger and more elastic offering for their best work. In order to consume that fruits effectively, you could eat the fruit raw preferably just like drinking squeezed juices. However, you could add some great foods like soy, apricots, and banana in your daily diets because those foods are really useful for your body.